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Hi, my name is Lee Johnson. I am a website marketing specialist. I work with you to delve deep inside your business & help unlock the power of online marketing for your organisation. I provide advice, counsel, & strategy along with deployment, implementation, & management for all of your inbound marketing needs.

I to get the ball rolling, execute on good ideas & develop strong concepts that lead to great results. I specialise in digital marketing solutions, particularly, SEO & front-end development through lead generation & increasing ROI for my clients.

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SEO Services

Over 90% of people now use search engines when researching a product or service, & 87% of them will often make a purchase based on the recommendation of a family or friend on social media. Imagine the revenue your business could generate if you were able to better capture traffic that is already out there, searching for the products or services you provide.

Client Testimonial

The great thing about Lee Johnson is that he is so approachable. Every email ends with "please email me with any questions". Lee has also looked at our overall web presence, rather than just focus on keywords. The help & advice Lee have given us has been phenomenal as it has been very focused on growing the revenue generating areas of our website. Lee has quickly understood or goals & our challenges & most importantly empowered us.

Patrick Arundell

What is SEO ?

SEO Monitoring

SEO or search engine optimisation as its known is a technique of sorting your house out & making it tidy in the eyes of the search engines. It can assist with improved traffic & conversions. SEO also gives you peace of mind that your on-page/off-page efforts are bringing the most they possible can in terms of visitors & conversions.

SEO Services

SEO Services

I have a proud reputation for website marketing services , for my clients. I use my 10 years of SEO experience to provide you with a search engine effective website that will drive enquiries & lead generation to your business. I will guide you through the entire experience, ensuring it is effortless & that you will quickly start generating new business with your newly optimised website.

I find it a pure joy to empower my clients with informative knowledge in plain english (I prefer being forthright & up-front), that assists with an improved understanding of what the search engines require for from a website to perform in the SERP's.

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