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Good morning, I'm Lee Johnson an SEO expert, I have a proud reputation for my website marketing expertise, for my clients. I use my 17 years experience to provide you with a Google friendly site, that will drive increased enquiries & leads. Let's make your website start working for you.

If you think hiring an SEO expert is expensive, try hiring an amateur.



Ask anyone who has worked alongside me & you'll hear the words geek, passionate, ambitious & driven thrown around! I'm constantly learning & finding out about the latest algorithms which means your search engine campaign will be forever at the forefront of the best practices of Google & other search engines like Bing & Yahoo.

Hire an SEO Professional that loves empowering his clients

SEO is one of the best marketing investments you can make for your business.

I Focus on what matters

Improve Conversions

Improve Conversions

You should always be working to improve your conversion rates. This is 'critical' for generating a better ROI from your website. Even with all my experience, some things just aren't 'logical', test, re-test & start over. Performing tests of different variations to see which one performs best. Thats what I do best.

Local Search

Local Search

With local search results taking more precedent & with searches being made on mobile devices, it has never been more important to have an effective local search campaign up & running to its maximum potential so you do not miss out on traffic & more importantly, business from customers.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Effective landing pages can be the difference between a sale or not & users will often make that decision in less than two seconds from arriving on the page so a rapid load speed & a clean layout are critical. I have a vast experience in creating just this sort of page so that you don't miss out on potential revenue.

Website Audits

Website Auditing

Do you need a way of finding out if your website is up to speed with the latest Google guidelines?
My Website audits are a cost effective way of understanding what's hot & what's not with your website. My easy to understand (jargon free) report will explain what you need to do to improve your website even further.

Fresh Content

Fresh Content

One thing will never change, quality, original copy will be rewarded. I see so many websites that don't follow one or both of these rules & we understand why, it's not easy. My content writers don't just give you the regulation copy that could be about any business, but something that once you've read it, will have you saying, this is MY business.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competition are doing as part of their online marketing isn't a bad thing, but just copying them can be. I can assess what they are doing & then decide if it is worth you doing too. I'll never recommend you just copy your completion as we want you to get the most return on your investment as part of a long term online strategy.

Bug Fixing

Bug Fixing

Having a site that loads efficiently is a ranking factor so having clean, bug free code is an advantage to you getting more business. By clearing all the bugs in your HTML, CSS & JS, you should notice an increase is both the time it takes for your website to load but also the ranking you’re achieving in search results.

Custom Coding

Custom Coding

Have a idea for a new website? Looking to add something a bit different to your existing site? No idea where to start? That’s where I come in. I'm able to take your ideas & sketches & form them into fully functioning websites that will help you to realise those concepts & get the most from the internet.

Custom CMS

Custom CMS

A (purpose built) CMS allows content to be controlled by the people who own the content (the content or subject matter experts). This means no more relying on developers to make changes to the web content; subject matter experts can add content without needing to know HTML or any code.

Stop Losing Customers To Your Competition.



I optimise websites laying the cornerstones of Branding, User Engagement, Customer Retention, & of course, Search Dominance. The focus is on reaching out to the specific Target Audience on which you are banking your Customer Base.

Finding the right SEO expert for your business can be a tough task, ensuring they can not only deliver the results but also have your strategic business goals at the heart of every campaign.

A lot of companies invest in agency relationships to ensure they have a regular contact to speak to & share ideas around there business however what a lot of companies don't realise is finding the right SEO expert can not only provide this value but also a lot more & at a fraction of the regular cost of an agency.

Get Better Returns for your business

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My Process


Learning: A quick (& free) 15 minute discovery call all about your business. I'll ask a few questions your goals, challenges, & current digital marketing strategy. You can ask me anything you like. After, I'll send you an outline of everything we discussed, & get your sign off on the next step (the Opportunities Report). What you'll get: A warm, comforting feeling that I'm the right SEO Expert for the job.

Research: Once I've got everything I need, I'll start work on your Opportunities Report. It provides simplified, actionable SEO advice on the most important ranking factors for your site. It's intended to help educate anyone who's not clued up on SEO, at the same time providing a roadmap to increasing organic traffic.

The Opportunity Report includes:

  1. Keyword Research - Where do the biggest keyword opportunities lie? What are the high traffic, highly relevant search terms we should be using for this campaign?
  2. On-Page Audit - Looking for opportunities to improve content & on page text. I’m looking at crucial signals including Titles, Headers, URL, Meta Descriptions, body copy, & on-page links.
  3. Technical Analysis - Identify any shortcomings of the technical side of your site. This includes URL structure, internal linking, structured data, 404 errors & page loading speed (among many other things).
  4. Analytics - Checking if the site is tracking data correctly, & how it could be making better use of tools like conversion tracking, sitemaps, & goal funnels. (Requires permissions for your Google Analytics & Search Console accounts)

What you'll get: An understanding on how you're placed in the eyes of search engines & a roadmap to SEO success.

Review: I'll follow up with a call to discuss the report & answer any questions you may have. We'll have a chat about my recommendations & determine the best way to begin dominating search engines. After, I'll email through an overview of what we discussed. I'll talk about my pricing - providing a firm quote that's laser focused on the activities that are going to provide the greatest ROI for your business. I'll also include a contract for you to sign.

What you'll get: A breathtakingly good plan we can get underway with.

Implementation: Success! You've signed the contract. Now the fun can really begin! I'll work through all of the opportunities identified in the Opportunity Report, including:

  1. On-page Optimisation - Perfectly crafting your website for search engines.
  2. Technical Optimisation - Improving technical aspects of your site.
  3. Local Search - Enabling additional information about your business to appear on the side of search results.
  4. Structured Data - Creating high quality rich snippets for your website (increasing CTRs)
  5. Link Building - Creating links to your site from high quality websites.
  6. Conversion Tracking - Determine if conversions are increasing, & attributing these to the medium responsible.
  7. & So much more

What you'll get: An SEO service that's committed on providing top of page rankings.

Reporting: Now that things are ticking along, let's find out how your site is performing. I provide all of my clients with a dashboard specifically for their most important metrics.

What you'll get: Monthly reporting on how the website is tracking & the work that's been done.

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Traffic Analytics

Project Received: Client requirements are studied, website login access is obtained, & initial SEO Audit is carried out to evaluate the health of the given website. The process of evaluation is manual as well as software-based. SEO Audit reveals the website's cordiality with & visibility to search engines. Accordingly, recommendations are sent to fix or improve its current status, & SEO actions are prioritised.

Content Development: SEO-oriented content requirements are put forward & developed, if permitted. The strategies cover extensive Keyword Research & Optimisation, Content Organisation on the website, & promotion via web pages, blog posts, articles, infographics, slideshows, press releases, & directories.

On-Page SEO: Actionable strategies are carried out to make the website comply with major search engines, primarily Google. This includes the addition & modification of various On-Page attributes – title tags, URLs, sitemap, robots, Keyword placement, & the like.

Off-Page SEO: Logical techniques are applied outside the boundary of webpages to improve the position (rank) of a website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These include link building, bookmarking, & social media activities.

Get Improved Conversions, for better returns

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Question Mark

I'm confident that I'll be able to help with your next SEO project whatever that might be & be able to bring my 17 years experience & skills on board to increase your brand's online organic exposure & performance. If you're looking for someone to help drive your online performance do not hesitate to get in touch & find out how I might be able to assist.

Hire an SEO Professional that loves empowering his clients

If I stop SEO, will I lose my ranking?

Question Mark

It depends. However, in most cases, you are not the only business in your market. So failing to have someone looking after your SEO can result in your competitors outranking you.

Google is constantly changing, updating & improving. As such, effective SEO is about staying up-to-date with these changes. Wherever you are in the rankings, you're likely to have a number of competitors competing for business.

If you don't engage in any SEO maintenance either internally as a business or through an SEO consultant, then success you've managed to get in SEO can disappear over time.

I'm committed to providing long term results for my clients. If I don't feel I can do that, I won’t recommend my services to you.

Get Better Returns for your business

Don't take my word for it.

Client Testimonials

communication lines

Lee Johnson is both passionately committed & extremely talented. I have found him to be results driven. Dealing with Lee was great fun, there is no smoke & mirrors rather a professional, competent, friendly business approach with the most refreshing 'can do' attitude that made it a pleasure to do business with him.

Brendan Leece

The great thing about Lee Johnson is that he is so approachable, most web experts are not. Every email ends with "please email me with any questions". He's also looked at our overall web presence, rather than just focus on keywords. The help & advice has been phenomenal as it has been very focused on growing the revenue generating areas of our website. Lee has quickly understood or goals & our challenges & most importantly empowered us.

Patrick Arundel

I thought I was ahead of the game with regards our website marketing model. Within ten minutes of talking to Lee Johnson I realised, whilst I may be ahead of my competitors, I were a long way behind the trailblazers.

Gareth Jenkins

Lee Johnson Built my first ever website & the results speak for themselves. Lees done a really great job & listened to my requirements & expectations. Lee Johnson actually over achieved & now Im now getting lots of business from the site. I was not expecting this much success. Let it continue. Thanks Lee.

Geoff Soar

I have worked with Lee on several occasions as the work he puts in on my behalf has been second to none. His skill set has been proven to me time after time. I have had two websites built by him & the second one has a bespoke content management system thats the nuts. Its so easy to use we can do all the updates to our site ourselves. Thanks Lee. Keep up the great work.

Adie Kinnish

Ive been recommended to Lee Johnson through a friend for Lees expertise in SEO. He has exceeded my expectations with the accuracy & speed of the execution but also in understanding what I wanted to achieve even without meeting Lee. His communication was fast & efficient exactly what I needed. I love the outcome of my site & its already ranking first page on Google after a week.

Bianca Jankov

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